The Bible - Why read it?

First this: 1 Corinthians 2:14 states that the un-spiritual person does not understand or accept the things from God.

So know this: If you want to read and understand the Bible, you must first receive the Spirit from God. How do you receive the Spirit from God? Through faith -

  • Read and follow the "Go2Heaven" presentation.
  • The Scriptures can give you wisdom for this (2 Tim 3:15).
  • The book of John is written for the purpose that you may believe. It says this: John 20:30-31.

Therefore I challenge you to Read or Listen   to the book of John and ask God to show/reveal Himself to you.   


Why Read it?

(1) For every Christian the Bible is not a book of wisdom, even though it contain wisdom. It is not a book of history, however it does contains this too. It is not even a book to teach from. First and foremost the Bible is part of the Christian's walk/relationship with God. Through the Bible we get to know God and learn God's will. He gives us guidance, shows us direction. We read the Bible, because we want to deepen our relationship with God.

This is referred to by many as "quiet-time": Time set aside for praying & Bible reading to maintain a personal relationship with God.

Jesus spent many times in lonly places praying to God

(2)  Secondly the Bible gives us instructions on how to live as a Christian. Many of the Old Testament characters are examples for us (1 Corinthians 10:6) and many of the New Testament letters give us guidance and direction on many things.


How to Read it?

(1) Pray and invite God to speak to you and help you understand it (Matt 7:7). It is the Holy Spirit who will teach you (John 14:25-26) and help you remember.

(2) You can read small pieces at a time for devotionals/relationship building with God and large pieces as "study". I recommend you start with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These describe the ministry of Jesus. (See links below)

(3) I recommend that you underline the Scriptures passages that "stand out" to you. Whenever you get an "Aha!" moment, it is worth coming back to later. God speaks to you through Scripture!


For digging deeper:

You can read and listen to the Bible on the Internet at 

Listen to the book of John         or try dramatized version of John        

Listen to the book of Matthew   or try dramatized version of Matthew     or try dramatized version        

Listen to the book of Luke          or try dramatized version of Luke        hh ghfg 

Listen to the book of Mark           or try dramatized version of Mark      fgg

Pick your own bible Book to Listen to at AUDIO-BIBLE

 We also recommend the Life Lessons series from Max Lucado

or sign up to receive a daily/weekly devotional.

Watch the Experiencing God series on our "God....please give me directions!" web-page.







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