Based on a True Story: Bad Fortune

She was walking down the fair with her boyfriend. They walked by a stand of a fortune-teller. They thought it would be cool to go and ask about the future. So they went. She asked her: When am I going to die? The answer she was expecting was something like 80 or 90. The fortune teller told her: 1 year from now. One year later the girl died. Suicide. The thought of dying made her depressed and she took her own life.

Based on a True Story: 2 Hours of Darkness

The new missionary arrived in Borneo, just after the Chinese new-year and during the festivities of the coming of the new moon. This feast included the making of dragons by the locals to worship spirits, and parades of priests that call onto these spirits. These priests in a state of trance or possesion appear to cut themselves with knifes or swords without getting hurt. The missionary was fascinated with this and took his camera to go see and take some pictures. The masses came to watch this and soon he found a spot to make some pictures. After half the parade had passed he got the urge to get closer, despite a feeling of danger, he did. One of the tranced priests jumped of his carry-chair growling he pulled his sword and stood in front of him. The missionary looked straight into his eyes and got somewhat hypnotized. It was like all the evil of the world where concentrated in eyes of this priest. When the sword got close to his throat, he got down enough to evade it. Thanks to the crowd the priest lost track of him. - actually thanks to the Lord who was watching over him -. The missionary felt a heavy darkness come over him and he got out of there as soon as he could. He went home and locked and barricaded the doors. He paced through the room but could not calm down. It was as if the door to God's presence got shut [Wich was a Lie! John 8:44]. He got desparate and tried to pray. He noticed he couldn't, and started to get an urge to end his life. Right at that same  moment God put a prayer burden for this man on two peoples minds. One in the USA and one in Canada. They got the impression he was in danger and prayed hard for God to deliver him. Much later they discovered how God used them to provide deliverance. The deliverence came quick and sudden. He kneeled down begged God for forgiveness and desperation was replaced with the joy of God's presence (1 John 4:4). Later that day he went outside, he was more carefull this time and prayed first for protection before he left his house.

(From "Roaring Lion" by Robert Peterson).  

What is Spiritual Warfare?                          
What in the world is going on? There is the world we can see, but there is also an invisible world. There are invisible "super-natural" personalities "spirits" roaming throughout this planet. We can see there activities from time to time when unexplainable supernatutal things happen. These spirits are real, mean and destructive. 

1 John 5:19

2 Tim 3:13

What are these "spirits"? The bible desribes them as fallen angels, who are in rebellion with God. Sometimes they are referred to as demons. They are usually invisible and can influence peoples minds and cause supernatural phenomena. From time to time they can become visible. They have limited abilities, but can do quiet a list of miraculus things, including healings.  

Matthew 12:43-44

Mark 5:10-14

2 Thess 2:9-10

We are under attack! These spirits are actually organized and have chiefs, leaders and a ruler. The bible tells us that their main leader is called "Satan" or "Devil". They have their goal to wage war against God and robbing people from their promised inheritence of Heaven. 

2 Cor 4:4

Eph 6:12  

Acts 26:18 

Ferry Tales & Reality. Many people dismiss demon activity as superstition. However in many tribes and nations the supernatural is a commonly accepted thing. Supernatural demon activity is a real phenoma that we have to accept.

On the other hand there are some people that confuse every "bad" with "The devil", which is not the case. Many temptations, sickness, addictions and evil comes from peoples imperfect state and/or sinfull nature, rather than demon activity.

What do these spirits do?   

Demons try to:

(1) Give you sinfull thought

(2) Pull people away from Christs through worldly pleasures.

(3) Try to shipwreck people's faith.

(4) Deceive people to believe lies.

(5) Try people to believe false teachings they made up and gave to people

(6) If given the chance, put people in bondage.

1 Cor 7:5

1 Tim 5:11-16

1 Tim 1:19-20

Acts 5:3

1 Tim 4:1  

Don't give the devil a foot-hold. Clear footholds are activities that people attribute to the occult or religious supernatural experiences.

Eph 4:27

1 Peter 5:8 

Activities in which these spirit-personalities are showing their powers: Black and White Magic, such as healings, curses, love/hate magic. Fortune telling, such as Horoscopes, Palmistry, Pendulum use, Card Laying, Crystal Balls. Spiritism, Ancestor-Worship, Table Lifting, Glass-moving, Oujia Boards, Automatic Writing, Trances, Materializations, etc. Clairvoyance, Speaking in foreign languages, Mediums, Hypnosis, Magnetizers, etc.

Lev. 19:26-31

Isaiah 8:19

Gal 5:19-21

Acts 16

What is your Status?

Status (1) The BLIND person 2 Cor 4:4 . Either does not believe in demons or evil-spirits or has demon activity in their lives and does not believe Jesus is the best way out.  

Status? (2) (2) The CHAINED person. This person allowed spirit activity in their lives and has become in bondage. They usually can see or hear suprenatural activity and tries to scare or torment them Luke 13:11-16  
Status? (3) ( The POSSESSED person, controlled by demons. This person was very likely involved in some type of session with spirits and the spirits took control of the person. Luke 8:30  , <Luke 8:30 Video>
Status? (4)  The Compromised Christian. Either was in bondage when became a believer OR believes in God, but allows obvious sins in his/her live, which gives a foothold for demons. Eph 4:27 .   
Status? (5) The VICTORIOUS Christian. Read below about how to have victory over these supernatural creatures.   . Read below

Jesus broke their power!

Corrie Ten Boom titles her book about this subject "Defeated Enemies". Jesus defeated Satan and his demons. Therefore any victory over demons we need to find in Jesus.

Col 2:15

Col 1:13 

1 John 3:8

Your Victory is Based on (1) Your position in Christ. When we where born again by the Holy Spirit, the bible says we are "Positioned in Christ". Therefore the authority that we have, is due to our position in Christ.

Eph 2: 4-6

Eph 1:19 

Your Victory is Based on (2) The Armour of God: The belt of truth buckled around your waist. The breastplate of righteousness in place. Your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. Take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation. The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. 

 Eph 6:10-20 

Your Victory is Based on (3) submission to God. Victory is promised. The bibles says, submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. 

James 4:7

Rom 8:31


Based on a true story - Being a Counseler for someone in Bondage

At a youth camp we were stitting around the camp fire. As we were singing worship songs around the camp fire, one of the kids started acting funny. Suddenly he jumped from one site of the seats to the other. A jump that seems humanly impossible. He was acting really weird and making some odd movements. The pastor said to him: "Whom am I taking to.?" Suddenly in a strange voice he answered "Luther". All the kids around us where really freaked out now. This wasn't the kids name! Kids where crying and trying to leave. But the boy kept jumping from one site of the seats to the other, to prevent any off the kids leaving. The camp leaders decided to try to hold him down. This kid seemed to have supernatural powers, as several of the men were trying to restrain him. Suddenly the demon left him and the kid came to his senses. He wondered what was going on and why the people around him where so worried, as he was not aware of what just went on.

To confront demons:

Be a child of God! The bible has an example of two people, who where not Christian, trying to do an exorcism and they get overpowered by the posessed man. The bible says who is in us (The Holy Spirit) is stronger than he (Satan) who is in the world.

Acts 19:13-16     

1 John 4:4

Have a pure heart. Demons are intelligent and many times they know if you are right with God. If you're heart is not pure and you have recently committed sins, they can accuse and tant you.

Psalm 66:18

Have a Strong Faith. Meaning that a lost confrontation with a demon doesn't mean defeat. You need to continue to hold on to the promises of God and know that victory is inivitable.

Matthew 17:19-20

No fear

Mark 4:40

Pray & Fast. Many times persistent prayer & fasting are needed to come to a victory. You need to have an active relationship with God, which entails praying regularly to Him and continuing reading scriptures.

Matthew 17:21

Mark 9:29

Rely on Jesus and His Name! You do not get victory by exorcisms or rituals. Instead Jesus will give you victory, when you bring the case to him in prayer, by using the promises in Scripture and by trusting on the authority given through your position in Christ Jesus. Demons are afraid of Jesus' name.

Acts 16:18

Full Surrender to Jesus! The person in bondage needs to give full surrender to Jesus. No reservations and give up all tokens that are related to the activity of demons.

Matthew 6:24






Digging Deeper:


Defeated Enemies by Corrie Ten Boom

Battelzone by Greg Stier

Demonology by Kurt Koch (Also Christian Counseling & Occultism and many other books)

The Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson

Roaring Lion by Peter Roberston



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