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From Science to Creation


The Universe Question: Observational Science shows that the Universewe live in, is currently expanding.If it wasn't, it would be collapsing. Scientists have drawn the conclusion that it all started, when the entire Universe was crunched together, and started with a Big-Bang. Let's think about this concept: (1) The Universe had a beginning. (2) We don't have a scientic explanation for the cause (where did it come from?). Science does tell us this: The cause is beyond Space - Time & Energy. The inference (Best Explanation): The cause is a Higher Power!

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  Jastrow's conclusion about the Universe:







The Universe Perfect for Life: When we study the Universe, we see that it is a perfect fit for life.For example gravity: Why does gravity pull as strong as it does?Why not 2X stronger or 2x weaker? We do know that the law of gravity is perfect for life. If it was much stronger it would sustain only plants and maybe crawling life-forms. If it was weaker, it would not hold us unto our planet. Other laws of nature are also perfect for life: Electro-magnetic force is perfect to sustain an electron around an atom-nucleus, the law of nuclear-power is perfect to hold protons and neutrons together. There are over 30 constants in the Universe that are perfect for life. The inference (best explanation): A Higher Power that intelligently designed it!




Life comes from Life: Have you ever seen the equasion on the chance that amino-acid's would form a usable protein? A simple cell has about 200-500 proteins. But even if you have all the perfect proteins for life, life does not come into existence: If we take cells apart and put all the pieces in a mixture, a living cell does not come out of it. Why not? We all know where living cells really come from: They are created from an "instruction book" that contains how to built exactly the right proteins and on how to put them together to make a cell. It's called DNA. It's like a digital-code that in the right sequence has the complete instruction for a cell. The inference (best explanantion): An Intelligent Higher Power put the code in this instruction book (DNA) for life.


  Biological Machinery:The process of random mutation and natural selection  implies that every mutation that results in function will, through natural selection, be promoted. However many biological machines requires many (40+) parts to be present to have function and if only a few are missing the function is gone. Random-mutation would have had to make many non-functional parts before the Bio-Machine receives function. Natural selection would have eliminated these non-functional parts. The best explanation for complex Biological Machinery is that they did not come forth from random mutation and natural selection. Instead design is the best explanation.


The Spirit/Soul in us shows Eternal Value: The theory of no-God-Evolution ultimately claims that, people do not have a free will. Instead their actions come forth from their biological make-up and pressure from their environment. However we can clearly see that we have a free-will. We can make choices and they are not solely dependend on our biological-make-up or our environment. The best example is: Heroic unselfish acts are admired by people as something great. These don't make sense in no-free-will and survival-mode model.

So far Science tells us (1) There is a Higher Power (2) He is Intelligent (3) We all agree that the Planets and Stars were here first and life came later. Therefore even science tells us, that God has acted within His creation after the universe began: He put life on Earth.

These scientific items are commonly used as evidence for "Intelligent Design": The Best explanation for the Universe, Life and our existence is, that we came from a Higher Intelligent Being that after He created it, still intervenes in His creation..

Intelligent Design:

Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel (Book & DVD - Also on You Tube in Chapters)

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Darwin's Black Box by Michael Behe (Book)

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