Does Hell exist? Yes! - Jesus talked more about Hell than Heaven. He describes it in various word-pictures. Matthew 10:28     
Is Hell a literal place? Yes! The bible describes two places: Hades and the Lake of Fire that both are referred to as "Hell". Hades is the current place some people go after they die. According to Revelation 20:12-15, the Lake of Fire is the final place. These are describes as places where there is darkness, fire, torment and weeping. 

Luke 16:23

Matthew 8:12

Revelation 20:12-15 

What is Hell it like? Jesus compares Hell with "Gehenna", a rubbish dump outside the southwestern walls of Jerusalem, infamous for its unending smoldering and decay. Gehenna is a word picture of Hell, the place where the “worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.” He also calls it a place of "Outer Darkness", "Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth" and a place of "Torment" "Condemnation" and "Fire". Ultimately Hell is eternity without God "shut out from the presence of the Lord”  

Matthew 25:30  23:33

Mark 9:42-48

2 Thess 1:9 

Where is hell? Jesus gives us a chilling clue: “outside.” “Tie him hand and foot, and throw him outside, into the darkness”. Hell is away from the presence of God. Matthew 22:13 
How long does it last? Hell lasts forever. Some people think people get inhilated others think that eventually everyone will be released and go to Heaven. However the bible has many references to it's eternity. Daniel mentioned it Daniel 12:2 . Jesus said it Matthew 25:46 . John mentions it twice Rev 14:11 Rev 20:10 . Words like "eternal" and "For ever and ever" make this very clear. 

Daniel 12:2 

Matthew 25:46  

Kids that die young, do they go to Hell? King Davids remark that he will one day see his unborn child, gives us a clue that kids who have not reached the age of accountibility will not go to Hell, but will go to Heaven. 2 Samuel 12:23
Does everyone get the same punishment? No! Based on your sins and actions on earth, there will be different levels. Therefore it is unlikely that Hell is like a "burning-oven".   Revelation 20:11-15 
Is there memory in Hell? Yes - the rich man and the poor Lazerus both remembered their life on earth. The Lord even told him: "Remember your time on earth, when you had good things……"  Luke 16:19-31 
Does God want people to go to Hell? No! No one will go to Hell, if he/she could have been won to Christ in this life. God leaves no stone unturned to rescue all who would respond to the convicting of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that for those who knock, He will open. Who seeks, finds.  

2 Peter 3:9 

John 5:24 

Why do people go to Hell? Many people don’t want anything to do with God. He speaks and they cover their ears. He commands and they scoff. They don’t want him to tell them how to live. They mock about what He says about marriage, money, sex, or the value of human life. They regard his Jesus as a joke and the cross as a legend. They spend their lives telling God to leave them alone. And at the moment of their final breath, he honors their request and gives them eternal separation from God.   Matt. 7:23 

What about people that never heard about Jesus? There are two thoughts on this (View-1): Those who don't know about Jesus will perish. (View-2): For those who have not heard about Jesus, God reveals Himself to everyone through nature (Rom 1:18-21), conscience (Rom 2:12-16) and those who become conscience of their sinfullness and abandon all effort to earn God's favor are to be viewed as be saved by grace through faith like the Old Testament believers, even though they only had a vague concept of Christ. 

John 14:6

Rom 1:18-21

Rom 2:12-16

Rom 10:10-18 

How can I make sure I won't go to Hell? The bible is very clear about this: Believe in Jesus. Check out the 4 spiritual laws on the Go2Heaven Web-Page. John 3:16
Are Christians that don't share their Faith, responsible for their friends going to Hell? There are 3 facts here. First people go to Hell, because of their sin. The things they did and their rebellion against God. People are responsible for where they are going. Secondly Christians are given the task/command to share the message of salvation with everyone. Thirdly Jesus is the one that saves people. Christians don't save people.

Rev 20:12

Matthew 28:19-20

Col 1:13









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