Hans & Jennifer Anderson

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Hans and Jennifer Anderson and their children arrived in Spain to begin their full-time missionary career. Their first stop is language training in Cordoba. They will then join a church-plant.



June 20, 2011

Hello to our FBC Page family!

Enjoyed talking to Kim last night! Here are some recent photos from Spain.

Right now our family is mostly learning the language and how to "do life" in Spain. Thanks for your prayers!

Thanks for blessing us with your prayers and support.

In His service,


Jennifer Anderson
European Christian Mission, Int'l.




There is also a photo of me (Jennifer) and my teacher              There is a shot of Hans and Ellee in our neighborhood park.

and Spanish classmates celebrating Shezena's birthday.           It comes alive after 6pm, when families come with their kids...

                                                                                                    humming with activity and new friends to meet!           

Jack and Ellee and our shopping cart...since                             Jack has made friends with several kids as  

we walk everywhere, we bought a cart like                                they play football (soccer). He's in the final photo, in the

everyone else. You park it at the front of the                              jeans and long sleeve black shirt.  

store until you check out.  


The needs in Spain: (From Operation World)

Population: 39.2 Million

Religion:   66.7 % Catholic 30.9% Non-Religious 1.2% Muslim and

0.4% Evangelical Christians.

Over 13 million people live in towns, villages or districts without any Evangelical Church.

Of the 17 regions, three have less than 20 Protestant churches

Of the 52 provinces, 28 have fewer than 1,000 evangelical believers

The one million students are largely unevangelized.