FollowIf you would like to find out how you can be sure that you are going to heaven:

Follow this Web-Link for a great Presentation

The above link gives a presentation from Campus Crusades for Christ. If you are interested and would like to know more. You can either follow the links on the website. Or you can contact us at 928-645-3353 for more information.

Faith in Christ is not following our rules or doing good deeds to deserve heaven.

Faith in Christ is based on a personal relationship with God.


  If you would like to learn more:

  A great resource is the "Jesus" movie. It is one of the most accurate movies of Jesus life   based on the gospel of Luke. You can watch the Jesus-Film Online  or on YouTube or on our Website


You can Read/Listen to the bible on the Internet:

Follow the link and look for the sign:  on the website.

If you are interested in purchasing or reading/learning from the bible, maybe a good resource for you is the i-Bible.


For Tough Questions: Follow the Links below

(1) How can I make it to Heaven? I don't belief I deserve to go there. Watch the video below:

More Video on Forgiveness 

(2) How can you be so sure there is a God?

  • There are several things in nature/science that points to the existence of God: 
  1. The Earth is "Just-Right"
  2. The Universe is fine tuned for life. 
  3. Info in DNA contains the code for Life.
  • God has come down and shown Himself to us. He walked around on earth. People touched Him and He showed His power through miracles. We can find this in the account called: The Bible.  
  • We can see a change in people's life after they accept Christ (Example from Leestrobel.com)

To dig deeper we recommend the books "Mere Christianity" and "Case for a Creator".

(3) How do you know the Bible is reliable? Answer 

(4) It's hard to believe Jesus is real and not a legend. Answer-1 Answer-2

To dig deeper we recommend the book "The Case for Christ".  

(5) Is Jesus the only way to God? Answer 

To dig deeper we recommend the books "Jesus among other gods""Case for Faith" and our web page "What about the many Religions?

(6) How do you explain the suffering in the world? Answer 




Got more questions? Contact us at FBCPAZ@gmail.com or call us at 928-645-3353 



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