Family Camp

Our church family goes camping every Labor-Day-Weekend. It is a camping trip where we enjoy each others company, without too much of a program. We have a church service at the camp site on Sunday morning and a potluck following the service.


When:  Labor Day Weekend
Where:  North Kaibab National Forest at Mile and a Half Group Camping Area
Who:  Everyone is invited
Directions:  Take AZ 89 south towards Flaggstaff. At Bittersprings turn right on AZ 89A towards the Grand-Canyon-North-Rim. At Jacobs Lake turn left on AZ 67. Go soouth 8 miles and turn right on the FS212. Go west 2 miles and arrive at Mile-and-a-Half.
Activities:  Camping, Fellowship, Games, Hiking, Bike-riding (if you bring your bike), Campfires, Smores, Naps. 
What to Bring:  The church provides a place to camp and portable toilets. So... you bring everything you need to go camping and enjoy fellowship & games. 
Church:  Sunday Morning the church provides a church service and usually we have a potluck at lunch time on sunday.
Alternative If you would like to spend the weekend and do not want to camp. Contact one of the following accomodations: Jacobs Lake lodge 928-643-7232 (Approximately 10 miles from the Camp site) or Kaibab Lodge 928-638-2389 (Approximately 20 miles from the camp site). 




   September 2019   
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