Alice Statler
Alice Statler—January 2012
BP 1229 22023 Thies, Senegal
Phone: 520-203-0102 

Dear Friends,


          Just a quick letter to update you!  We had our day of fasting and prayer for the problem of getting electricity for our ITES building.  It was a day of encouragement from the Lord.  On Dec. 29th, our director and two others met with the man, Mr. D, who was given a large amount of money (over $10,000) to buy our transformer and install it and never has.  He finally admitted that he had used up our money and that is why he has been stalling and giving us innumerous stories about the delay.  He was told that if he did not have it installed by January 20th, we will be taking him to court.  He signed a document indicating that he was aware of our next move if he does not fulfill his promise. Today is the 12th and so far we have not seen any movement in getting our transformer.  Please continue to pray.  

          Trip to Village

          Yesterday, Esther and Fatou went to Langomack to meet with the ladies. See the pictures attached.  Jean, Esther's husband, also went along to spend time with the men of the village.  They came back so excited by the warm welcome and interest of about 15 ladies who participated in the Bible study!  They want to meet every month!  It was such an encouragement to the pastor and his wife!  Thank you for your prayers.  The next visit is planned for February 15th.

          Esther and Fatou would also like to start visiting two other villages.  Pray for the arrangements for Ngollar and Pout Diack.

          Formation Lois Retreat

          Tomorrow we gather at Ngaparou for our next training retreat.  We would really appreciate prayers tomorrow for travel safety.  There is a big muslim pilgrimmage to Touba today and people will start heading home tomorrow.  The roads will be crammed.  This could possibly extend to Sunday when we will be coming home from the retreat.  Pray for students and teachers alike!  We are very excited about the training for this weekend.  I came down with a cold on Sunday but am finally feeling better today.  I will be teaching one of the sessions.  We really do count on your prayers.  

Love in Christ,





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Needs in Senegal (From Operation World)

Population: 12.1 Million

Religion: 92.1% Muslim, 4.8% Christian, 0.1% Evangelical Christians